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Every one of us have dreams, dreams to succeed, dreams to live a better life, dreams to help others etc.. all these dreams we were born with and we all wish one day we should leave our dream lives. I also have the dreams and "Vision" of my future life and throughout the journey i have tried so many things from employment to "self employed" to get me where i wanted to be. 

When i was still searching on what to do so that i can live the life God has prepared for me, I was told in order to succeed i need to have 200% in which 100% should come from "ME" and another 100% should come from the "Vehicle" through my journey. And the only "Vehicle" that can take me where am suppose to be is Network Marketing in "Wellness Industry" as i came across with the information from the World Economist Mr Paul Zane Pilzer who predicted Five years ago, in the first edition of  his  "The Wellness Revolution" he outlined an emerging $200 billion industry he called "Wellness". Today, that industry has grown to $500 billion, and it's just getting started, offering even greater entrepreneurial opportunities.

In November 2013 had a C Section for my first born and i was looking for something which can help my wound heal from inside. I remembered i learned about the power of Aloe Vera  so i called my friend Lilian as was doing business with Forever Living Products, she brought me one bottle and the first time i started taking it i felt more genetic , and to cut the story short , in April 2014 had another operation, this time was fibroids . In May 2014 i officially started my journey where by i got all the support i needed, still enjoying the amazing products, learning a lot from my leaders as the company got the best proven support system. Personal development, touching more lives and so much more..

                                                                                                           Mr Rex Moughan
  • Forever Living Products was founded in 1978 in Scottdale Arizona by Mr Rex Moughan.
  •  Successfully operating in more than 160 countries worldwide and still growing rapidly 
  • Its Cash rich  debt free company  having more than 1.5 billion dollars assets
  • Award winning training and support system
  • A vision of better living through better health
  • Outstanding big range of products based on Aloe vera       

  Strong and most experienced Management team

Forever Living Products is the World leading Aloe Company from the plant to product to you and our first ingredient in our products is unfiltered  100% pure inner leaf gel of Aloe vera. Our products range are 
  • Nutrition health drinks
  • Personal Care 
  • Skin care (skin defence)
  • Supplements
  • Sports performance and mobility products
  • Weight Management 
  • Cosmetic and beauty products
  • Essential Oils 
  •  Animal and home 
                                                 Some of our products

Flawless by Sonya Cosmetics and Make ups 

We distribute our products through "Team Marketing"  with low investment, No stock, No, staff, flexible or part time hours, full support, caring and personal - simple and the benefits of Forever team marketing are:

People trust personal recommendation
  1. Access to international markets
  2. Home-based business
  3. Equal opportunity
  4. Royalty income
  5. Chairmans Bonus
  6. Car, lifestyle and International travel
  7. Personal development
  8. High return, high earning potential
  9. Promotes solid ethics and values 
  10. Everyone deals direct with Forever 

How we get paid; 
  1.  Developing 20+  regular customers earning $250-$500 per month
  2.  Team building $800-$3000 per month 
  3.  Building leaders $3000 till infinity
  4.  Chairman Bonus (paid annually checks ranging from $3,400 - $1.3 Million ) apart from monthly income
  5. Forever to drive $400-$800 for 36 months 
  6. Global fully paid trips in a best luxury hotel with $500-$3,000 spending money
                                                        Profit Share checks

                                              Forever Top Earner Mr Rolf Kipp

The reality ..
  • Time and effort required in order to make all these happen,
  • Learning to develop new skills 
  • Be part of dynamic team
  • Be prepared for change 
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