Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Forever Aloe MPD

Have you ever wondered how you can clean your tiles, clothes take care of your garden, safe for your hands and your family health? Introducing Forever Aloe MPD® – a liquid detergent that is highly effective and economical. Forever Aloe MPD® is a multi-purpose, liquid concentrated detergent. A versatile cleaning product that is ideal for laundry (all types of clothes), it is also a household cleaner for floors, bathrooms, tile and carpet and for hand-washing dishes. This safe, concentrated, liquid detergent is great for lifting grime, cutting through grease and removing stains without scratching or marking any surfaces. It is versatile enough to do the job of many similar products on the market, with a major cost savings. Forever Aloe MPD® 2X Ultra is phosphorus-free, making it environmentally friendly. Unlike many detergents, its anionic and non-ionic surfactants are biodegradable, thus reducing environmental and water pollution. Our non-abrasive formula contains mild Aloe Vera to soften and condition your hands and clothes. This revolutionary, multi-purpose cleaner is available only through Forever Living Products. Available on