Thursday, February 18, 2016

Forever Living Products President visit to Tanzania

For the second time we were privileged to be visited by Forever Living Products President Mr Gregg Moughan in December 2015,  first time he came in 2014 and this is because Tanzania we are growing very fast in our Forever business, It was a very powerful event held at J K Nyerere International Conference Center in Dar es Salaam, we had thousands of distributors, stage recognition  and so much more. Apart from great products we enjoy the love that the company is giving to us on its Mission, to know more about the company visit

 With dogo Rona Swai

 With the president Mr Gregg was a blessing rubbing shoulder with him. Welcome again to Tanzania

 With Wilbard Malya, Rona, Yekonia

 We had time for selfie after the event Wilbard, Wence, Warda, Yekonia