Thursday, March 3, 2016

Forever Active Probiotic

Living inside our body are many micro-organism-  some harmful and some good. The good ones are called "probiotic" which means for life. Forever Living recognizes the importance of probiotics in our body for our good health and has introduced Forever Active Probiotic.

Each Forever Active Probiotik works primarily in the colon where it assist with the digestive process. Each beadlet has a triple layer covering to ensure that the probiotic does not ted destroyed as it passes through the stomach.

The first layer helps in protection against stomach acids 
The second layer ensures that the correct probiotic is released into small intestine
The third layer completes the process by releasing the required probiotic in the large intestine 

The beadlet can be taken as a daily suppliment  with water on an empty stomach or two hours after a meal for you can order yours today

For better result we have to cleans our colon with Aloe Vera gel then we protect it with probiotic