Friday, April 22, 2016

Forever Global Rally 2016 - Profit Share

That time we have been waiting for now its here; receiving of Chairman Bonus,  starting with Level 1    and still loading level 2 and 3.. stay tunned! . 

As FBO (Forever Business Owners) the company shares its profit to all who has done the best in the business for particular year and this event is done once per year in April. 2013 was in Hawaii USA, 2014 was in London Europe, 2015 was in Singapore  Asia and this year 2016 is in South Africa we cant wait to know the next destination. Please note: The company pays for the two return ticket to each qualifier, accommodation in a luxurious hotel 5* to 7* plus pocket money . We are still open  for the new FBOs you can be part of this family and enjoy the best products at a cheaper price, proven supporting system, best marketing plan and so much more  if you  register