Thursday, April 28, 2016

Yummy and Healthy Smoothie

A healthy breakfast has been a head ache to many as we are used to have more calories eg  white bread.  In Africa our elders used to eat heavy meals in the morning as they were farming with hands so they end up burn what they ate. The lifestyle has changed most people do not have time for exercise and no physical activities as almost the whole day they just work on the computer. After working hours we get in to our cars and stay in the traffic for more than two hours before we reach home. when we reach home its already late about 8pm to 9pm at this time the body is already tired we eat again eg Rice, Plantene, etc then we go to sleep again until tomorrow morning.

The good thing is we have a solution for your healthy breakfast and healthy dinner especially when you rich home late. With this yummy smoothie you will get the nutritions that body needs and its easily digested. We are making these smoothies mixing seasonal fruits and vegetables with Forever Living   Lite Ultra  protein powder, Aloevera gel,  Argi plus  this makes it more delicious and more nutritious and its a real "fast food" and more cheaper than other health breakfast.

Also you can have this after exercise to order products click

How to make these yummy smoothie:
-Clean your Fruits well and cut in small portions (Water Melon, Mango, Banana, Carrot,spinach0)
 - Blend watermelon itself and that will give enough water to blend other fruits
-Add other fruits and blend them well,
-Add Forever Lite Ultra, Argi plus, and blend well for two minutes
-Serve and Enjoy

NB: You can use yoghut, aloevera gel instead of adding plain water