Thursday, May 5, 2016

Products, Business, Adventure....

Behind all these amazing Forever Living Products there is a huge business opportunity in which people over150 countries in the world changed their lives in terms of health and wealth. The founder of Forever Living Products Mr Rex Moughan had  visions to make the World health and wealth though the proven system  together with the strong and well experienced management team since 1978. For more information on the company history, compensation plan, marketing plan etc click

The company has been surprising distributors every year through many incentives, profit sharing  and amazing trips they offer each time. As said earlier in the last post next year 2017 we will be going to Dubai in April and also we will Rock the Boat in September, lets see what we will experience in September trip with the boat with other thousands of distributors around the globe

 The boat
The boat from the top


 Inside the boat