Sunday, January 10, 2016

Forever Lite Ultra Smoothie

Happy Sunday to all my viewers, today i would like to introduce you to this healthy smoothie made with our own Forever Living Products (Lite Ultra,Argi plus, Aloevera gel) you can mix with your choice of fruits and vegetables. You will get enough of daily recommended  nutrients on only one scoop of Forever Lite Utra.  This smoothie has been a blessing to many as its very easy to make especially in the morning for breakfast. it will help you start your day. Just imagine all these nutrients goes in to your body in the morning. 

Guess what?Also if you wanna loose weight its the easiest and healthy diet you can have as most of diet menu lack nutrients and this cause the skin become flabby. If you reach your home late at night instead of having heavy food you can just blend your yummy smoothie and enjoy. In few minutes everything is well absorbed in the body and you get a peacefully sleep. You can order your Forever Lite Ulta now through

Yummy Yummy Forever Lite ultra(Vanilla), Aloevera gel, pinneaple mango, carrot, passion.a healthy breakfast for a healthier family 
Forever Lite Ultra (Chocolate), Aloevera gel, Argi plus, mango, carrot you will feel full and you wont get cravings for sweets as the body will be satisfied