Friday, August 19, 2016

10 Years anniversary of Forever East Africa

I thank God for our East Africa Management team, our Tanzania leaders who leads us from the front Lightness Salema &Khushe M.Hauli, Enos Salema & Elizabeth Riwa Salema, Blandina H Njau and all other leaders with out forgetting my very good friend and dear sister Lilian Mushi for connecting me with this grace. This business has changed me a lot, to think big, seeing possibilities, walking on my goals, touching peoples lives, taking care of my health and beauty though amazing products, meeting new friends, family and so much more.
Seeing all the success stories for the few years i have been doing Forever business since May 2014. This tells me how much am lucky to understand this business as am looking at myself in the next 10 years how my life will be transformed completely . There are some people they started 10 years ago and their lives are different now. "Doing my best, God will do the rest"
As Tanzania we celebrate 10 Years of Forever Living Products being in East Africa, we invite everyone tomorrow 20th August at Ubungo Plaza from 12:30pm to find out for yourself where we are coming from and company vision and mission to us.
Join us here to find out more at

 When i see this i know mine is coming, i just need to work a little bit harder!
The top is never crowded, my names will be there !

Forever Giving, caring for less privileged
Our brothers and sisters from Tanzania during Global Rally in South Africa, April this year  
 Our top leaders in East Africa

Dream bigger than your fears! your actions should be louder than your words...