Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Success Day 10Years Anniversary of Forever Living Products in East Africa

Am so blessed to be part of this life changing opportunity. On Saturday the 20th August we celebrated 10 Years of Forever success in East Africa. The event was held in Ubungo Plaza Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Was an experience of its kind to know how people started 10 years ago to-date, and because the reason of doing it is not for the money but for people these amazing leaders still doing it with passion. Forever has made more than 300 millionaires in East Africa, lots of lives has been changed because of amazing natural products. Find out more on http://goo.gl/pilH7C

Our Main product is Aloe vera, and this bottle is our best sale
Ricky and Beatrice Mumba, brought this Grace to us in 2006 from UK. We cant thank them enough to think about us here. They could have done it for them selves in UK and still they would have made it. May God continue to bless these souls.
10 Years Anniversary Cake
 Attentive audience 
 Leading from the front some of our top leaders in Tanzania
 From weight management desk with my fellow leaders 
 Our weight management table 
 Our guest wants to know more how the program works
 Skin care desk, Sonya products, Fleur De Jovence etc